Turmeric is a spice that is absurdly awesome -it’s not just my opinion either, but has been shown in numerous studies. Curcumin is a uniquely beneficial compound found in turmeric that is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents found naturally, it also has a ton of other awesome benefits so I wanted to share some of the ways I use turmeric to harness these benefits ?

How to use Turmeric. Health Benefits and Recipes

General Turmeric Benefits:

Strong antioxidant – cancer fighting

Natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties
Strong topical anti- inflammatory

Reduces inflammation pain -helps with things like arthritis or injury pain. American Academy of Pain Management describes it as one of the most potent available

Cleanses liver

Increases the production of enzymes that digest fats and sugars,

Anti-clotting properties – and other awesome heart health effects

Helps to counteract food allergies by preventing histamine release in stomach

Some research suggests it may help prevent plague build up in your brain- helping to thwart development of dementia

Turmeric uses I talk about:

Skin cream for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne

Golden milk – for relaxation, IBS etc

Facial cleanser


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