My sister the other night at dinner asked me what I considered to be my art. I paused for a moment thinking honestly of the answer, but I couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing as “my art” because I view everything i do as an art. From my mosaics, to my cooking, to my gardening, designing, music, organizing my home, lovemaking, everything I do is an art, even breathing!

One of my favourites arts these days though is up cycling. I love finding stuff in trash and repurposing them. It’s practicing an art while doing something that benefits the environment, eliminates waste, and transformed abandoned or no longer used objects into something beautiful & useful. What is so great about up-cycling projects as well is that as you complete them and share them with others, you at the same time educate & inspire others to be more mindful of the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Eco Fashion Upcycled Dresses

This is an up cycled dress project I made from left over & scraps of materials that were in my design studio when i was a hair accessory designer. As I was cleaning up one day, I decided to create something with all the junk hanging around. The idea really resonated with me, as I was already contemplating different ways i can practice being more eco savvy as a designer. I decided to make a collection of haute couture dresses with the scraps i found lying around office. An eclectic mix of newspaper, paper towels, a bag of balloons, coffee filters, soda can tabs & faux flowers. It was a really fun project to work on, and once completed we did a photo shoot of the dresses and also lent them out to other photographers to do fashion shoots with. The gift that keeps giving.

Eco Fashion, Upcycled Dresses

Upcycled Paper Dress Montreal