Dear friend,

As we spend time bundled up inside, it doesn’t really feel like spring. But nonetheless, ideas of what we can do to maintain or improve our health, pop up in our thoughts. Often, we think of a detox of some sort. This is a fine idea, and with a few guidelines it can be a safe and health-promoting one.

A general detox is not for everyone! Believe it or not, a detox is often not recommended, at least not in the way we tend to understand the word detox. Juice fasts, eliminating all the bad stuff overnight, winter cleanses etc.. are good ideas in theory, but often can be overwhelming for the body, and lead to a weakened energetic state.

Do you have a history of allergies? Or are you interested in preventing them? This is also the time to think about commencing spring treatment to prevent pollen and various inhalant allergies. Homeopathic and naturopathic drainage remedies are essential measures.

What type of detox best suits me? This question is the reason why an individualized session is recommended. What factors should I be aware of when starting? When should I start? Working with natural, gentle and time-proven remedies, homeopathy supports the healthy functioning of the body’s main organs and pathways of elimination.

Mind and emotions A spring regime will also address one’s engagment with the world, how one is perceiving and interacting with life, both in overt and subtle ways. Thus, the therapeutic process addresses mental and emotional health, and in particular, an exploration of where the self is getting in the way of life. When the self is liberated, our obsessive, often neurotic human nature is replaced with an inward strength and peace that is simple, yet profoundly healing.

You don’t need to fix you You really don’t. If this is a strong belief you have, it might be part of what is compromising your energy. Contrary to many current paradigms of understanding, approaching health from the it is broken, I must fix it belief system, leads to an endless experience of feeling that there is something wrong with me . Health is not fixing, but expanding one’s awareness of our deepest nature, as a human. And once again, this insight in of itself heals.

Homeopathy Montreal

Adam Fiore, D.Hom, Nd

A 15 minute commitment each day for one month. Here’s an example of the breakdown:

Daily remedies taken 2 times a day. Action: optimize organ function and elimination with individualized homeopathic medicines. 5 minutes

Daily cleansing and tonifying teas and herbs. 5 minutes prep time

An individualized mindful breathing practice, once a day. 5 minutes

Spring dietary ideas

– Eat less to allow the body to clear winter stagnation

– Emphasize young plants, herbs, fresh greens, and sprouts.

– Limit salty foods (ie. tamari, miso); they are best in winter.

– Limit heavy foods and turn to light meals.

– Spring is a good time of year to saute foods and or steam.

– Focus on market fresh and nutrient dense choices.

Whole foods: Avoid packaged food. Opt instead for whole fruits and vegetables, especially Quebec produce, which is ideal for spring cleansing.