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Helping Businesses Create Meaningful Visuals Full of Beauty!

Hi I’m Shoshana Finn, I have over 20 years of experience as a Designer, Stylist, Creative Director, Photo Shoot Production for fashion campaigns, magazines and businesses in New York, Miami, and Montreal. I’ve built all my business websites, portfolios, blogs on my own with no previous training but just a will and determination to learn and creatively express myself. 

I encourage all Artisans & Holistic Practitioners, Bloggers, Herbologists, Environmentalist, Activists or anyone with an important message or products to set up a beautiful website for yourself and let your messages travel to many and make a true difference.

If your like me and have left the corporate world and looking for more freedom and not have to hire a programmer to make every little change on your site, I highly recommend you at least familiarize yourself with the basics of starting your own word press website and learning how to manage and update it. You may choose as your business grows with time to hand it over to someone more skilled and professional and this itself may be a step of freedom. However when first starting a business you may be on a tighter budget or just truly wishing to have that choice of updating your posts or homepage images yourself. Put aside money, there is something rewarding about investing yourself creatively. 

My strength as a creative artist has lead me to wish to help others with sustainable products and messages – get up and running and Im happy to teach those that want to learn to do it themselves just as I am happy to work with the person who doesn’t have the time and wishes to delegate the project at hand.


What Your Package Includes

Phone Or Skype Calls
Initial Consultation : 30 Min
2 Review Calls : 30 min each
Launch call : 30 min

Visual Mood Board


A vision board is a tool I use used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on the style, mood and energy of your brand/business.
I create a digital vision board with a compilation of images that embody a variety of moods that resonate with your visions. Together we review the vision board , analyze, narrow in and identify the mood that you connect to most, and that you would like to create within your new website.

Photography- 5 Images 


Once you dream it the next step is to bring it to life. Powerful images can tell a story and capture the mood and
messages you want to convey. While some clients already have a rich database of photography they wish to incorporate in their new website, it is also very common for others who are just beginning their new business to start from scratch. I help research and select up to 5 creative images to unite inside your new website.

Theme Research – Includes 5 Options 


WordPress has an unlimited amount of rich themes to choose from that can be customized to suit your business visions and needs.
One of the most challenging parts of getting your new website up and running is choosing a template/theme that is not only beautiful, but that will be user friendly, good navigation, clean, coherent, mobile optimized, and that will flow with the mood you seek to embody, your vision and your brand. I explore and research themes and select 3 strong options for you to choose from.

Website Visual Design- Road Map Planner 

Website design sometimes takes a rhythm of its own as it begins to evolve. However, I like to always come up with a visual roadmap before we begin it’s very helpful to have a general idea where we are going at the same time as allowing some space to let it flow.
Some questions to consider when building the map for your website:
What information do you want on your main menu? What info will go on your footer? Will you have a side bar banner or full page website?
Where will your newsletter sign up go or Social Media Icons? How many images will you have on your slideshow?
What are the title of your pages?
These are just a few questions to explore. Together we will decide on these factors, and I will create a visual map to guide us along way, helping with organization and allowing things to flow smoothly. Of course like everything in life some times things have a way of taking on new shapes and forms as they evolve. But a roadmap has proven to me time and time again a great tool that helps clarify and keep the project organized.

Domain Name & Instillation

It can often be intimidating task for people just starting off their website who doing some of the more technical tasks like setting up your domain name and installing your wordpress theme, I take pleasure reducing these stresses in my clients and taking care of all these technical elements that are necessary parts to get your new website launched.

Website Design – 12 Pages

Once you have selected your theme and finish the installation process we are ready to start the creative building process! Part of the beauty is bringing all the elements together and watching them all unfold and manifest.
Homepage Design Customization Slide Show 12 Pages Blog Integration Email & Contact Form set ups Newsletter Form Social Media Icons
*Important note on Copywriting*
You are responsible for providing all text/copywriting that you want on your site. For example: about, services, mission pages. This is not included in the start up package. All copywriting must be provided. Should you need help with your writing I can put you in touch with a creative writer.

Desktop and Mobile Responsiveness

When finalization your website. It’s important to test all elements on both desktop and mobile to verify they are working before launching. Testing contact forms, the way your website appears on different browsers, and mobile responsiveness are all important technical components I test out before making your site public. 

Additional Creative Services / 40$/Hr 

I provide additional services that are not included in the start up package at a reduced rate of 40$ /Hr to my clients that I have designed websites for.

If you need more than 1 of these additional services I can bundle and create an add on custom package for you at reduced rate. Please contact me for a quote.
Graphic Design
Natural Packaging & Labeling
Mailchimp Newsletter Design
Instagram Start Up & Tutorial
WordPress Training
Business Card
Social Media
WordPress training
Logo : 500$ Included 3 Concepts + 3 Revisions. More concepts & revisions are available at an additional 40$/Hr
*E commerce Websites with Shopify Platform: Please contact me for quote.