I was delighted to receive an invitation from the Expo Mange Sant et Vivre 2015 ( March 20- 21- 22) to sample some products from one of their health food exhibitors. Given my passion for supporting Montreal local economy, health food and sustainability, it was my outmost pleasure to collaborate. To add to the excitement I was matched with an incredible local business in Montreal called Monsieur Basilic, a small family business that was founded in May of 1994 with but two experimental greenhouses in St-Placide. For those that follow my blog BackToEden.ca, you may know that I have an affinity for freshly home grown local herbs & produce so this was a match made in heaven!


I think its safe to say that most Montrealer’s have spotted at some point or another Monsieur Basilics distinctive aromatic fresh basil while shopping at Organic Markets, Local Health Food Store and even Chain Food Grocery stores across the city. You might have also noticed the famous Monsieur Basilic mini van driving around town making their weekly deliveries.


Now I almost feel embarrassed to say this, but I will openly admit because I know I’m not the only one who was under the impression that Mr Basilic specialized exclusively in Basil and sold only wholesale to the stores. Let me assure you this is NOT the case! Let the truth be told

To my surprise I received 3 fantastical boxes from Monsieur Basilic’s home delivery service, filled with an enchanting mix of spectacular green salads, edible flowers, mesclun, arugula, fresh oregano plant, rosemary, thyme, coriander, aneth, itlalian parsley, red basil and thai basil. some of my favourites herbs for cooking, seasonings, salads, teas, and medicinal uses!

Mr Basilic Organic Food Delivery Baskets Montreal

I was in awe by the beautiful selection of salads & herbs that were delivered to my loft by a very friendly and informative delivery man who has been with working with Monsieur Basilic for years. Everyone at the office excitingly huddled around the boxes filled with herbs, intoxicated by the exquisite aromas that instantly encompassed the room.

For lunch I made a delicious salad with the arugula, mesclun, and colorful edible flowers. I seasoned it with some fresh cilantro, red basil, a little lemon, oil, salt, and pepper and then paired it up with a cup of Thyme tea. It was so fresh and savory. I’m very grateful for this amazing reminder of just how beneficial it can be for our bodies, minds and souls eating healthy freshly grown local produce.

Mr Basilic Organic Food Delivery Baskets Montreal

I’m looking forward to ordering some mushrooms, seeds, and micro greens from Monsieur Basilics Greenhouse next week! I encourage you to check Monsieur Basilics other amazing products such as mushrooms, zucchini flowers and micro greens on their website.

And make sure to say hello to the Monsieur Basilic family team this weekend at the Expo Mange Sant et Vivre 2015

(March 20- 21- 22)

For those of you trying to nurture your green thumb.

Here are 5 important tips shared from Monsieur Basilic to help keep your plants healthy and thriving for several weeks, if not months, in your home. Bon Appetite!

1 –Place your potted edibles in a well-lighted area.

2 –Notwithstanding #1, do NOT place your pots on a windowsill. They hate temperature variations, especially in winter. (This applies most strongly to basil.)

3 –Always water from the bottom with room-temperature water.

4 –Water once a day, every day.

5 –Only provide enough water to barely cover the bottom of your pot holder, so the roots may draw it slowly. More than that and you will drown your plants.

Mr Basilic Organic Food Delivery Baskets Montreal


Monsieur Basilic, a small family business, was founded in May of 1994 with but two experimental greenhouses in St-Placide, Quebec. The young couple and their three children got their start in the farming business with pink tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers.

One day, in the winter of 1997, the duo made of their dining room a make-shift research centre, eventually discovering basil, roka, and mesclun, all three of which would slowly become their main products.

Nowadays, this couple has diversified its product list with coloured oyster mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms, a variety of 22 micro-shoots, edible flowers, 15 different fine herbs, 5 types of basil, and diverse micro-salads. Seasonally, Monsieur Basilic offers a motley of tomatoes, coloured peppers, zucchini flowers, and micro-zucchinis.

Monsieur Basilic is still that same small company, but it’s slowly growing thanks to loyal customers like you.