We are now in a time of metamorphosis. Transformation through death. This time can be very destructive, violent, stressful, chaotic, leading to anxiety BUT out of that comes a new order, comes a new life, new understanding, new sources of energy. The new is born out of the old.

The more you transform the more you give birth, the more you change, the easier it gets. The more you resist growth and evolution, the more problematical and challenging and violent it becomes. This is just the natural law.

The good thing is that this is a turning point in our lives, a turning point in the history of humanity. This culmination of energy changes things. This is the time for you to change your life.

Pluto pushes and forced the evolutionary process and depending on the amount of resistance. If you resist your growth, resist change, resist evolution. The harder it will be. Pluto is removing what ever you have attached to: physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically , spiritually that is inhibiting your evolution. This is the most traumatic way. Being pulled out as much as you may be attached to something has got to go because your attachment to that person, place or thing is inhibiting your growth. Like it or not your unconscious soul, Pluto, knows what you need and what you don’t need more than your ego.

So we attach to things that are unhealthy we attach to things for security, dependency, and Pluto comes along now and says you don’t need that anymore. And it can feel like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you and it’s very painful.

Stagnation can be happening for you now too. This life, this job, this relationship, this situation that I’m in is so empty, so stifling. It’s like the volcano that’s building that pressure until BAM , it’s got to blow! So if you been fearing change, or transformation or afraid to let go or holding on to something it can get to be so hard.

Now is a time to pay attention. What’s going on now is your getting signs from life. Don’t go here? Go here. Don’t do this, Do that. Don’t loose yourself in that, but wake yourself to that. Time to choose the door you want to walk through.

The emergence of a new talent, a new capacity and new aspect of your identity, or your soul or nature. Of who you are from past lives, comes up and surfaces. It’s a time where some new things can emerge.

This is a time of electrifying. Awakening, shock, awe, about who I essentially am, my instinctive identity, my root. A time of new desires, new impulses, spontaneously arising that can be very sudden and rebellious in nature, revolutionary, wanting to brake free. And if your not… it can be the world kicking your butt! You can either be a force of liberation or you can get liberated like it or not! And obviously getting liberated like it or not is more traumatic. So be the change. Don’t wait for the change.

A time of moving and learning and growing through partnership, and relationship and other people and realize the benefits to getting along. Time where relationships can be a little trying, you can feel like there the gilded cage, or jail cell where you just want out. But I encourage you now is the time for actually hanging in there a little longer than you might otherwise do.

It’s a time that’s not so much about self promotion, self aggrandizement, self fulfillment. It’s a Time for new beliefs, and new identity, inner world of feeling, inner child, of being not so much doing, fighting or controlling, dominating , ambitious driving. This is really a time of receiving. Be still. All things come to she who waits this is a time of not getting lost in the turmoil, of the wind tunnel or wind storm that’s going around. It’s time to be that candle and stay lit and keep the inner fires lit. Be the light in the darkness. Time for contacting and connecting to our inner feeling.

To evolve, to grow, to come in to our truth is an inner process and it’s not about the outside, the illusion of power, control, dominance, security. Security is not going to be found out there. We are getting signals and messages that the answer lies within.

This Weeks Mantra :

The paradox of life Is that in order to win

I need to stop fighting

And be peace within

Thanks to Kaypacha for this Report/Video