Gardening season is here and Kashi is encouraging everyone to get their hands dirty, reconnect with real food & celebrate all the little farmers in each of us, through a unique program called Plant it Forward.

Kashi is building and supporting 18 community gardens across Canada by partnering with Evergreen, a not-for-profit organization committed to green cities and a healthy planet. Together they are increasing access to fresh, healthy, locally grown foods for urban communities across the country.

According to Kashi Plant it Forward Survey, less than half of all Canadians (46%) have ever gotten their hands dirty to grow, care for or harvest fresh fruits or vegetables. Even more surprising, one third of Canadians will not visit a farmers market or community garden this year.


I think encouraging Canadians to grow their own food is a very valuable step and I respect Kashi’s initiative of making it easier for Canadians to get involved by including free vegetable seed packs on specially marked boxes of kashi cereal and bars so that everyone can join in and grow something delicious this gardening season. (Much Better if I may say than the plastic toy prizes you would get out of cereal box) I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the seeds were non gmo, certified organic too!


Kashi is not perfect, like each and every one of us, there is still room for growth and improvements. While they already have a nice selection of of Non Gmo Certified products, Their commitmentis to have by end of 2015 over half of their foods non GMO Certified. What’s important to focus on is they are making the efforts, taking the steps in the right direction; we all need to be in this together and take responsibility for change in the positive direction that will benefit our planet as a whole.

I hope this encourages other companies & corporations to follow suit. If your going to market your product, (which is kind of inevitable in this day and age) at least be responsible and true about it. Channel you creative energy in to doing something helpful that will have a genuine good effect on your community, and health of our planet.

Whether it is in your backyard garden, neighbors garden, community garden, potted plants, or on your apartment balcony, there is always opportunities for all of us to be little farmers. Embrace the farmer in you, connect & share with your surroundings and community.