Winter can be a difficult month. You crave nothing more than the additional five minutes amongst your comfortable flannelette sheets; and occasionally, you feel overwhelmed at your impending work schedule. Have you grown a little tired as a result of the weather? Good news, I’ve got a remedy to brighten your mood and get you back into a positive state of mind!

Jess’s Juice Remedies is a local business, based in Montreal. It is an organic, raw and vegan company that produces exceptional juices that can either be picked up or delivered to your door. Whether you’re seeking for an effective detox solution or you’ve grown nostalgic for the fresh taste of the tropics, Jess’s Juice Remedies will leave you feeling vibrant and energetic.

My personal favourite was Beet It, which included apple, beetroot, carrot, lemon and ginger, and is recommended as a digestive aid. The Mint Condition, came at a close second and was a refreshing juice. It was a concoction of apple, pear, cucumber and mint, and tasted like fresh lemonade.

The minimalist packaging, convenience and variety of tastes are some of the factors that drew me in. So go on, treat your body, pay for the convenience and let Jess’s Juices re-energize you during this season of hibernation.

Jess Juices Remedies Montreal


By: Rapunzel Espiritu

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