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Isis- Imagining the World in to Existence

“In imagining the World into existence. It requires that we undertake the extraordinary task of releasing part of our current, local selves and of being reborn to our eternal selves. When we descend In to the forgotten knowings of earlier or deeper phases of our existence, when we descend into the Egypt of ourselves, we may find hidden potentials, the unfulfilled and unfinished seedlings that, when attended to, can bring into being the green world within that can restore the wasteland without. 
To plant a seed is to create new life, to engage in a cycle of unending generation. The seed offers unlimited supply, it’s potential represents the continuity of life. The male seed planted within the female body grows in to human form. Our children inherit not only our land but also our DNA. A seed planted in one’s mind and cultivated grows over time through action and contemplation into an outward visible form. The Big Bang was the ultimate bursting seed pod that created all matter and antimatter in the universe. All the atoms that originated with the Big Bang are the star seeds that became all the universes and everything in the cosmos. The seed is the core of our existence.”

– Imagining the world into Existence By Normand Ellis 
Artist Patricia Paps 

*Priestess at the lotus pool 
A priestess of Isis meditates by the lotus pool in the Temple of Isis. The lotus was the most sacred flower of ancient Egypt for upon it the Sun God RA was born when the first lotus reached out from the mud and opened its petals.
Each side of the pool grows the Tree of Life in ornamental pots and the Temple is richly decorated with lotus flower patterns.  The protective Eye of Horus and the Ankh, representing the breath of life, decorate the walls.

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