Floral waters are the easiest herbal tinctures you can make. They require picking plants at peak maturity, placing them in glass bottles with distilled water, and steeping in the sun. Give yourself a little spa treatment with these simple remedies below.

How To Make your Sun Steeped Flower Water

A basket filled with fresh flowers and herbs is all you need to start making the floral waters. Fill a glass bottle with petals and water then place it on a sunny windowsill to brew. I choose rose and calendula petals, but you can use any variety. Floral Waters are ready to steep.


Here is an excerpt and recipe to utilize floral waters from The Complete Book of Herbs: A Practical Guide to Growing and Using Herbs.


Use these after your shampoo as the quickest and easiest way to improve hair shine. Prepare the herbal rinse before shampooing so it will have cooled when you are ready to use it.

1 tbsp selected herb
1 tbsp cider vinegar
4 cups boiling water (or lemon juice for fair hair

Infuse the herb in water until cool. Strain well. Add the vinegar.

Pour through the hair, massaging the scalp. Catch the runoff in a bowl and repeat until either your patience or arms give out. If the final rinse is of cool rather than warm water, it makes all the outer cells on the hair strands lie flat, giving a smooth, shiny finish.


This is an excellent way to clean and revive your hair between shampoos. Orange-flower water can be used instead, or lavender water for greasy hair.

You will need a number of 4 inch squares of gauze dipped in rosewater. Force the gauze over a natural bristle brush and stroke through the hair in sections, removing dirt as you brush. Repeat with fresh gauze squares until the cloth picks up no more dirt. This treatment also gives a lovely fragrance to the hair.

Best of Luck to All Your Flower Endeavours!

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