A little over two years ago – my bf was battling terminal Sarcoma Cancer. I was under such stress, that I got Shingles. Shingles is a very painful virus that can effect anyone, any age, under stress or trauma. It can take up to a month to heal and can return.

I decided when I got Shingles that I was going to heal myself quickly and refused to be one of those people who would suffer from it for a over a month. I spent a full day and night researching everything about shingles. And gathered the best home natural remedies out there and came to a resolution to take a complete week off of work and explore these natural treatments.

What happened? I cured myself in 3 days!

The Natural remedies were very helpful but i believe a big part of it was my passion. I never complained through the pain, I still felt beautiful and sensuous even with my rash, pain and burning sensations all over my body. I enjoyed taking the baths, using all the natural remedies, and taking that time off for me.

Since then…I’ve helped so many people in the community with these natural remedies helping facilitate the healing process while they had shingles. Some call me the Shingles Fairy. Lol

I decided to write a book to help more people. The e book includes all the best home remedies and includes helpful advice for positive moral. The book will be out this November 2015!

Until then- If you know anyone who has shingles please send them my way, I would love to help.

I do phone consultations for those people seeking assistance outside Montreal.

If you live in Montreal or within the vicinity i do house calls. Please be in touch if you would like to schedule a consultation.

*This picture below is a picture i took with my phone to show my bf at the time my shingles. He sadly is no longer with us and passed away a few months later. But this pic is the reminder and evidence of my love and passion always present even through sickness.

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