Have you ever tried an acupressure therapy massage? It is the traditional healing massage in China and one of the best solutions for the poor circulation. This technique uses fingers and hands to remove blockages along the meridians (the energy circulation channels that connect with the different organs), stimulate the flow of energy and rebalance your circulation, and release the pain and calm your stress. When your physical body is balanced, your spiritual levels will be improved.

Its been over 2 years now that i have integrated Chinese medicine in to my life. Instead of turning to tylenol or western medicine each time i get a pain, cold, stomachache, allergy or problem , I head to Tina, my the natural healer I was so lucky to meet. Tina is a vibrant traditional Chinese medicine healer , nestled in her lovely office in the West Island. I love how Tina is so dedicated to her practice, constantly furthering her training with top chinese doctors and herbologist, also top gongfu master. She has helped me in my life both on physical and spiritual levels. One of the keys to good health is good circulation and proper flow of energy in the body. Blockages in the body will cause poor health, disease and pain. I love seing seeing my health improve time and time again naturally through Tina’s healing touch. As my body heals, so does my mind and spirit!

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