Summer time is one of my favourite seasons. After our long hibernating winters in Montreal it’s feels so refreshing to get back outdoors in the sunshine and connect with nature and our surroundings. From outdoor adventures to gardening projects, our creative juices get flowing on a whole new level.

It’s very tempting to succumb to all the colorful summer products carefully marketed to create a need within all of us. All of sudden we need new gardening pots, patio furniture, summer clothes, the list can be unending.

Over the last few years I’ve become more mindful of making wiser consumer choices. Do I want to feed capitalism or do I want to be a leader and make more conscious decisions for the betterment of our society?

There is so much materials readily available circulating around. I would argue enough in existence to go around for everyone worldwide. Yet we keep on cutting down trees, and creating products that our useless, toxic and bad for our environment.

The question is where does this end? I would say it ends by you. Each and every one of us is responsible for making these changes and braking the corrupt system that at the end of day enslaves us and keeps us trapped in a loop of buying and spending, rather than creatively liberating us.

Some may ask how can I make help make these changes. I’d like to share with you some ideas that are easy, fun, creative and will end up saving you money.

Do It Yourself Garden Stones

Garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops are excellent places to shop. You are buying recycled goods, and it is so fun to hunt for treasures. You will be surprised as well when you put out an intention to find something, how it magically appears. Most of my home is decorated from things I’ve collected through the years from garage sales and flea markets, and even the trash! People visiting always want to know where I got all these unique beautiful items, and are so impressed when they discover how little I paid for them.

Do It yourself Bird Feeders And Bird Baths

Garbage. I know it’s sounds strange rummaging through garbage. But I have found some incredible finds in the trash. You know how the expression goes “one man’s trash is another mans treasure” Get familiar with the garbage days of nice areas and take a little drive and you will be surprised to discover the amazing things people throw out.

Till this day I drive a wagon, just for the sake of having extra space to load up my car with treasures I find in outdoor markets, thrift shops and the trash.


Do it your self. If I would emphasize one important valuable life pattern to focus on, it be to get in to the creative mind frame of doing it yourself. We are born with unbelievable creative power, each and every one of us. Use it! I’m constantly converting abandoned, or old no longer used objects in to something useful and purposeful. This spring I found a bookshelf in the trash and turned it in to a indoor plant shelf and installed plant lights in the bookshelf. I created a bird feeder out of dishes, and made my own planters out from abandoned wood I found. These are just a few examples of projects I’ve done this summer that cost barely nothing. It feels so empowering to be able to create your own products and see projects through.



Craigslist/ kijiji: Perhaps your not one who enjoys going to garage sales, check out local classifed websites such ax kijiji or Craigslist where you can search through second hand listings. I’ve purchased cameras and computers second hand for amazing deals.


Consciousness. At the end if the day it comes down to you developing new patterns, become aware and conscious of your decisions. This morning I was at the supermarket and was debating purchasing some outdoor gardening decorative paraphernalia, When i took only a minute to think it through rationally. Sometimes it’s just as easy as taking a moment and asking yourself do I really need this? Can I find this second hand? Can I make this myself? Remind yourself that if you really want this, you will most definitely manifest and more charming , unique more economical version of it. It will be a labour of your love & creativity, and at the same time you are being environmentally responsible, a positive example to others and making impactful changes that will slowly but surely contribute to braking down the system that is not truly benefiting our planet.

We are all responsible for creating the changes we want to see in the world. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see in my time on this earth revolutionary change that will ultimately at the end of day bring happiness , health and true fulfillment to all of mankind.

In ode of summer , I’ve shared a few gardening up cycling ideas/images. Feel free to reach out if you feel inspired and want to join in and collaborate on a creative up cycling project!