Hi I’m Shoshana Finn, Creative Director, Visual Designer, Stylist & founder of Back To Eden Healthy Living Directory. The creation of Back To Eden Directory has been a really magical journey for me. It is where my love of nature, the arts, & passion for natural living all come together. My vision was to create a valuable place online where people can find more easily all the best Health & Wellness Business & Services in Montreal & to encourage health of the Individual, community & the Earth.

Before Back To Eden Began:

Many people want to know what I did prior to running Back To Eden Healthy Living Directory and what had prompted me to make such a career change.

Well, here it goes I worked for over 15 years in the Fashion Industry, spread out in New York, Miami, and Montreal. I started my career selling vintage clothes and collectibles at a flea market in Brooklyn New York while completing my university,then later became partners in a vintage boutique shop called Waltzing Matilda in Park Slope Brooklyn.

After the birth of my daughter my family moved to Florida, where I worked as a Creative Director and Fashion Stylist. Producing and directing Photo Shoots for magazines and seasonal campaigns for clients in the fashion industry. You can check some of my past work at : www.shoshanafinn.com

When I moved back to my hometown Montreal I began designing hair accessories for women and children that came with inspirational healing quotes. These hair accessories where featured in my online boutique, boutiques through out Canada, magazines and spotted on celebrities, you can check them out at : www.halobyshoshana.com

Creative Art Director Montreal

Why Back To Eden?

On June 18 a very special soul mate of mine, passed away from Cancer. The idea for the Healthy Living Directory in particular, was born through my trying to find him holistic doctors and natural remedies treatments to help him through his healing. It was very challenging finding the right people to assist. After gathering so many health contacts during that period, I came up with an idea to build a platform that would make it easier for people searching for health contacts and information in Montreal. This is why I built Back To Eden, for people can find more easily Holistic businesses and practitioners in Montreal, and empower their health. Since then that umbrella has widened to include anything that will benefit the healing of mankind and this earth.

Unfortunately he never lived to see the directory become a reality. He died in June 2013 and i continued during my grieving period to build a dream. I launched Back to Eden in August 2013, two months after he died, and dedicated it in loving memory of Roberto Ugarte.

Back To Eden In Loving Memory of Roberto Ugarte

Today, the present!

Today I’m happy to be living closer to my higher purpose and taking my creativity in new directions, helping people & businesses in the health & wellness industry, working on meaningful & sustainable projects that encourage evolution.


One I’ve my favourites I’m involved with at moment is Valhalla Movement in Montreal. I have many more surprise projects in development and cant wait to share them all with you. This is an exciting time, lets all come together, collectively and make real lasting changes for the health of our planet!

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Jethro Kloss / Back To Eden

I also dedicate this website to naturopath Jethro Kloss 1863 - 1923) who has been one of the most my influential people on my path to natural wellness. His book Back to Eden, written in 1939 continues to be one of the most important guides to herbal medicine, natural foods and home remedies to this day. It has served as my bible since I was a teen, helping me to naturally heal various illnesses and injuries, encouraging me to connect with the will, and by introducing me to the miraculous power of nature. The pages of Jethro Kloss’s book have made such a strong mark in my life that it only came natural to name the Healthy Living Directory in ode of his book, Back To Eden. You can find it here on Amazon.

Need Help with a creative project? or just want to say hi? please be in touch with me at info@backtoeden.ca

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