Each seed you plant contains a huge amount of universal information.

Nothing man made can compare to it for size and accuracy. This information allows the seeds to know precisely, down to the millisecond, when it needs to come to life and grow, what juices to take from the earth and how to use the emanation from the sun, the moon and the starts. It knows what to grow into and what fruits to bear.

Fruits are intended to give man sustenance. These fruits can effectively fight and resist any illness of the human organism more powerfully than any man made medicines that exist today or will in the future. But to do this, the seed has to know about the persons condition. In order for it to be saturated during the ripening process, the fruit needs the correlation of substances for healing a specific person and his illness, if he has one or a predisposition toward one.

In order for the seed of a cucumber , tomato or any other plant grown in a garden to have information about a persons health, the following is essential.


Before planting, put the seed or seeds into your mouth and hold them under your tongue for at least nine minutes.

Next, put the seeds between your palms and hold them like that for about 30 seconds.

While holding the seeds between your palms, you must be standing barefooted on the ground where you are going to plant the seeds.

Then open the palms, take the seed close to your mouth and breathe on it the air from your lungs. Warm the seed with your breath and it will learn what’s inside you. Keep the palm open for another 30 seconds for the seed to see the heaven’s bodies and it will determine when to sprout.


After that you may put the seed into the soil, but do not water it for three days, so that your saliva remains on the seed or you will wash your saliva and information off the whole seed, and the seed needs to take that in. Three days after planting you may water.

The planting must be done on each vegetables favorable days. Planting early without watering is not as terrible as planting late.

You shouldn’t remove all the weeds next to the shoot coming from your seed. You have at least one of each kind. The weeds can be cut down.

The seed takes information about the person, and while its fruit is growing, it will take from the cosmos and earth the maximum energy essential for this specific person.

You shouldn’t remove all weeds because they have their own purpose. Some protect the plants from disease, others provide additional information. During its growth, you must communicate with the plant. At least once during its growing period, preferably on the full moon, go up to it and touch it.


Anastastia said that fruits grown from a seed in this way and used by a person who grew them are capable of curing him of absolutely any disease of the flesh, significantly slowing the organism’s aging, riding him of harmful habits, increasing his intellectual abilities multifold, and giving him emotional peace. The fruits will be most effective if they are used no more than three days after harvest.

The above actions must be done with various types of crops planted in the garden.

You do not have to sowe the entire plot of cucumbers, tomatoes, and so on in this way. A few plants are sufficient.

Fruits raised by the methos indicated will not only taste different from others. If they are subjected to analysis, the correlation of substances they contain will differ as well.

When planting seedlings in scooped out indentation, you absolutely must work the earth with your own hands and bare toes and spit in the indentation. Why the feet? Anastsia explained that substances (toxibs probably) containing information about the organisms illness are sweated out through the feet. The seedlings take in this information and convey it to the fruits, which will be capable of fighting ailments. Anastasia advised walking through the garden barefoot from time to time.


The main doctor is your organism. From the very beginning, it was given the knowledge of which herb you should use and when, as well as how in general to feed yourself and breathe. It can aver illness even before its outward manifestation. And no one else can replace your organism, for this is the doctor God personally gave you and only you. I’m telling you how to give it the chance to act for the good.

When you have established relationships with the plants in your garden they will heal and take care of you. They will independently give an exact diagnosis and manufacture the special medicine that is most effective for you specifically.

Excerpt from book : Anastasia- I Exist For Those I Exist For

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