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Hello & Welcome!

The creation of Back To Eden has been an amazing journey for me. It has allowed my love of Nature, the Arts and Truth to all come together. My goal is to inspire and enable others to explore the magnificent gifts that Mother Nature has given us.

Since ancient times people worldwide from all cultures and tribes have been using plants, flowers and Herbs to support Hygiene, Beauty, and Health. Yet, many of us in our western culture have lost that inherent connection with our natural environment since the emergence of western medicine and big pharmaceutical corporations have dominated the public mindset.

Fortunately Natural Medicine has begun to make its comeback in the Western world. People are once again curious about traditional remedies: what their ancestors used once upon a time and what other cultures are using. With this new mindset, people are exploring Herbs and Teas for healing and searching for non-toxic alternatives to the harsh chemicals we have been trained to ingest.



I’ve designed each product in my Healing Herbs Collection to include easy to read labels that share the magical rejuvenating benefits of each herb in order to encourage others to use wellness herbs more often to treat their ailments naturally.

On the side I offer my creative design skills to artisans, holistic practitioners, non profit organizations & small businesses with meaningful products & Messages.

Much Love, Shoshana


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