Floral waters are the easiest herbal tinctures you can make.  They require picking plants at peak maturity, placing them


I’m obsessed with breakfast grain bowls, those meals-in-a-bowl that have an air of West Coast hippie and are

Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies/ Gluten – Free

If asked what my favourite foods in the world were the list would be: sweet potatoes, dates, cacao,

How To Grow an Indoor Garden – For Beginners

There’s nothing nicer than being able to pluck fresh herbs from your own little garden , especially when

The Benefits of a Herb Garden

How often did you wish for a garden, where you can grow your own herbs and vegetables? True,

35 Health Benefits & Unique Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient I believe everyone can benefit from having in their homes at all

How to Turn an Orange in to a Candle

I’m always on the hunt for fun, inexpensive, and eco-friendly DIY projects that yield great results. This DYI Homemade

10 Ways to use Aloe Vera for Better Health & Beauty

Hey! Aloe vera is my go-to ‘product’ for so many health, beauty and wellness benefits! I honestly love

How to Work with Our Emotions

One of the ways we can get stuck in an addictive cycle is by becoming attached to our

Jess’ Juice Remedies exceptional organic juices for pickup and delivery in Montreal.

Winter can be a difficult month. You crave nothing more than the additional five minutes amongst your comfortable

Fire Cider / Cold & Flu Natural Homemade Remedy

Fire Cider is a warm energizing old fashioned herbalists remedy full of warming herbs, roots, vegetables and spices

Aloe Rose Skin Soother Homemade Natural Recipe

Fighting Dry Skin Eczema, Psoriasis, rashes? Here is a lovely Aloe Vera Rose home remedy that helps ease

Why Juicing Is The Best Way To Heal The Gut

As I sip my delicious green fennel, celery, cucumber, parsley apple juice, on day 4 of my latest

Eeyore: A Pessimist’s Guide to a Beautiful Life

I’m a recovering pessimist. A perennial one. I know it’s a striking confession given the nature of my

Invitation V – Bistro Vegan

Located in the Mile End district of Montreal, Invitation V serves internationally inspired vegan food using locally sourced