Coop Coco – Everything to make you own Natural Products!

Interested in learning how to make your own Natural Homemade Beauty Products? I discovered an Amazing place in Montreal called Coop Coco located on Saint Zotique, where you can find all the raw natural ingredients to DYI- Do Your Own, Natural Products. The majority of raw materials, such as oils, and wax are certified organic…. Continue Reading

How To Heal Shingles Naturally in 3 Days

A little over two years ago – my bf was  battling terminal Sarcoma Cancer. I was under such stress, that I got Shingles. Shingles is a very painful virus that can effect anyone, any age, under stress or trauma. It can take up to a month to heal and can return. I decided when I got… Continue Reading

How to Preserve Summer Herbs for the winter

If you live in a colder climate like us here in Montreal, having access to fresh organic local herbs in the Winter time can be quite challenging. Its a good time now that Fall Is approaching to start thinking about how you can store up all the fresh lovely abundant herbs still around. Freezing Herbs in a… Continue Reading

It’s not too late to plant a Fall Vegetable Garden In Montreal

It’s the perfect time now to start getting a second gardening season going! Plant now for a Fall Harvest. If you plant the right vegetables that thrive in cooler weather, then you can benefit from a harvest that stretches out through September and October. Urban Seedling In Montreal recommends: Leafy greens: Lettuce, Arugula, Mustard greens,… Continue Reading

DYI Pallet Furniture Ideas – FREE Pallets in Montreal- Easy, inexpensive & Eco Friendly

Wooden Palettes are sitting around everywhere around Montreal, waiting to be transformed. Originally they are used by businesses for big bulk shipments, but end up very often being abandoned or hanging around for months with no use or purpose at all. This doesn’t have to be the case though, the pallets are made of good… Continue Reading

Upcycled, Eco Fashion, Repurposed Dresses Montreal

My sister the other night at dinner asked me what I considered to be my art. I paused for a moment thinking honestly of the answer, but I couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing as “my art” because I view everything i do as an art. From my mosaics, to my cooking, to my gardening, designing,… Continue Reading

Herbology Classes, Natural Products & Remedies, Do It yourself Organic – Montreal

“It is our responsibility and blessing to take care of the natural world of which we are a part.” I enrolled today in a Herbal course at the Herbal Academy of New England  Another thing I can check off on my bucket list! I can’t wait to start making new natural healing products from plants… Continue Reading

It’s time to re-localize and regenerate our food and water systems, our neighborhoods and our way of life.

Do you know where your food comes from? Or what you would do if it stopped arriving at the store? Do you know how your water system works? Or what powers the pumps that bring you chemically-treated water, and take away sewage? Our food comes from 1,000s of miles away – too far for an… Continue Reading

Good Start to the morning – Healthy Breakfast + Good Intentions

I decided to document my breakfast this morning as it almost didn’t happen. I wanted to get to work, but in could feel that I was starving, and that my body needed some fresh nourishment. For a moment, I told myself that I’m too lazy to prepare something now and need to rush out. Then… Continue Reading

7 Organic local growers in Montreal who are passionate about sustainable healthy food & the future of our planet.

I wanted to share with you a quaint little list of some of my favourite places I buy my organic local produce In Montreal. There are so many more amazing farms & markets around town, but for this specific blog post, I wanted to keep the list short and sweet and dedicated to the ones… Continue Reading

Upcycled & Repurposed Holy Temples. History & Future become Lovers

Here Thee, Here thee, ancient souls… I saw a video the other day by one of my ultimate favourite Designers Daan Roosegarde who build a Van Gogh Solar powered path & Glowing Lines Smart Highway  in the Netherlands. I got deeply inspired by something he said in the video, and since then its opened up… Continue Reading